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"From: Paritosh Pathak

Hey everybody...

In the last three years, the world has evolved, and so have the rules of success.

We have witnessed significant changes in the business landscape and networking practices.

With this in mind, we are thrilled to present you with something truly exceptional.

To enhance your networking skills and thrive in the current arena, we have carefully curated an outstanding program.

This program offers:

- More Power: Empowering you to achieve greater success.
- Practical networking tactics: Learn strategies that work in the real world.
- Proven strategies: Insights and techniques that deliver results.
- Networking and connections that last a lifetime.

By participating in this program, you can:

- Streamline your business operations, reducing unnecessary expenses and cycles.
- Protect yourself against unforeseen risks.
- Gain much more than you expect.

That’s why we created..."


The NRPN Workshop Is BACK By Popular Demand and is glorious than ever..

With all the changes Covid has caused, 

Networking is a whole new ballgame…

The rules… the lessons… and the Perspectives have completely changed… 

And so has the way of doing business…right?

But these changes mean we need to gear up and learn the Next Level of Networking Rules

This was mind-blowing, I am so glad that I left everything and attended it..


Chief Executive Officer, CHEANG BAK VANN SY

Our Networks Have Immense Potential, But We Are Not Able To Leverage It, Right?

We Need To Know:

How to be Recognised & Respected for who we are, and what we do..

How to build High Value Relationships with our Network..

How to Revive our lost connections..

How to not only Create Success, but also Replicate it again and again.. 

That Is Why We Created "NRPN NEXT"

Our 3-day workshop to help you unleash massive income, profits and credibility!!

What Exactly Is "NRPN NEXT"?

It’s a 3-Day immersive workshop, where I am going to do something that I have never done in NRPN ever..

I am going to share all that I know about Networking...

The Skills, System & Strategies that will help you level up your Networking Game and build your business on the strongest foundation EVER!


So Far, Access To This Learning Had Been Limited To My Annual Coaching Program Clients 

For the first time ever I am sharing the everything that I teach in my flagship Program, which has helped it's students reach the next orbit of success..

Why??? Because I want to. Truly!!

It’s the most difficult thing to EMPTY yourself for others. And, I want to do it. Right from the beginning, I have been like this. I do things and live differently than the herd mentality. That’s how I stand out in the crowd. So, do my trainees. 

I know how much you need this and I am losing my sleep over this. So, why not give it and sleep peacefully. 

And, I believe in the boomerang theory. Whatever you give will come back to you in a hundred and thousand folds. Sharing knowledge is the most noble thing one can do. So, if you find value in this, you may be willing to take my advanced courses. 

So I am giving it all away, without any expectation. Just on a belief that I win, when you win...

So if you are ready to take in the learning, the experience, the networking... then you'll want to make sure that you won't miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance. Before now, the only way to experience this was to join my annual program.. and now you will learn it all in 3-days!!

Want to know what will we be covering each day?


Here is a sneak peak at what you will be learning at the 3-day NRPN NEXT


On This Day You Will

Uncover what decides your success or failure

Remove the biggest limitation to successful networking

Decoding "how to work & win with anyone"

Discover how to overcome the fears of networking

Know how to own your relationships

Learn TO P.A.C.E your conversation for maximum impact

Networking is not just done with others, this game is won within first. The Most successful people out there, know something different that allows them to become as good as they are.

They are Masters of Networking because they have invest time, effort and energy in learning what most are not even present to.

On day 1, you undergo a transformational experience that will even the game, forever...


On This Day You Will

Discover how to achieve your goals, faster than ever

Start to build the right network for your success

Break myths around networking for introverts & women

Learn to create massive credibility in your Network

Master the 10X referral system

Learn to follow-up like a PRO

Come face-to-face with the biggest mistakes you make and discover the real value of Networking.

By the end of this day, you will have access to some of the most valuable frameworks that 4X your ROI from Networking & significantly impacts your ultimate success.

Get ready to drop your resistance and be more proactive with Networking...


On This Day You Will

Learn how to stay in touch with your network

Decode the art of Networking with Influencers & VIP's

Uncover the formula of winning at networking platforms

Learn the formula to network and achieve more, while spending lesser time than ever

Break barrier & learn to sell freely & authentically

Hear directly from the masters of the game

Day 3 is where everything you have learned during the first and second day connects and a plan starts to emerge.

This is where you will uncover the strategies that has helped business owners 100X their returns, achieve what they never thought was possible, all while putting in less effort than ever before.

Here Are Few Of The Master Networkers That Will Join You On Day 3 & Break-Down Their Journey Of Achieving Success

Anuj Narula

Highway Design Engineer

Prerana Saxsena

Destination Weddnig Planner

Gurnoor Kaur Behl

Creator - Online Personal Brands

Manish Gulati

Technical Textile Manufacturer 

On Top Of The Training...

You Will Have Access To

Strategic Networking Opportunities

At NRPN you don't learn networking, you practice it with help of strategic networking exercises. By the time 3-days are over, you don't just know networking, you are a true networker...

These Exercises Can Lead To

New Business Opportunities

Strategic Partnership or Collaborations

Invaluable Lifelong Friendships

And a lot more..

Who Is NRPN Next Created For?

Now you might be wondering "is this for me..?"

Well, it’s for what we call the Mad Game-chaging Business Owners, Solopreneurs, Self-Employed…

We mean the good kinda mad, the kind that are willing to come out of their comfort zone and aspire to skyrocket their business success journey, maybe even change the world..

NRPN next is for you if..

  • Your business is your calling and not just a mere means to earn money. You want to GIVE to the world. 

  • You have the NEED to grow your company to create a positive impact on society. 

  • You have  a deep desire to LEARN & DEVELOP for success.  

  • You have an ambition to achieve the 10X, 50X, 100X Returns..

If that sounds like you... then welcome you to the Mad Game-changers Community..

If that sounds like you... then this workshop was created for YOU!

Are you READY to GIVE ALL of you during this 3-day journey with me?  

" I bagged 1.5 crore project with an annual potential 5 crore business, by following just one of the principles taught by Paritosh"

Rahat A Bhatia

Director, Raga Group of Companies





Hear What The Alumni Of NRPN Are Saying...

I was doubtful as to should I even attended NRPN, but I took a leap of faith and i'm glad I did, it just blew my mind! 

Gurnoor Kaur Behl 

Creator - Online Personal Brands

Thanks to NRPN I went from being a person who couldn't speak to anyone to some who sells without selling!

Gurpreet Bhatia

UI UX Desiger

I believed that as an Introvert I can not network. NRPN changed my belief and now I am no longer limited!

Amit Chawla

Clarity Coach

Learn From The BEST Trainer In The Game..

Paritosh Pathak

is India's #1 Authority on Business Networking and The Science Of People.

Having impacted thousands of lives, helping people break barriers and achieve great success, his clients lovingly call him a Magic Worker! Paritosh uses the experience gained from his decade long journey of helping people transform into a stronger-higher version of themselves, to empower people who attend his New Rules Of Professional Networking Mega Workshop!

" I was hesitant to join NRPN thinking it would be “just another” kind of Networking training but I am so happy that I joined and got lot of clarity and answers to a lot of questions"

Heejin Park

International Health Coach

Join The 3-day EPIC Event

Experience NRPN In- Person

Learn With The Community


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Access To NRPN Facebook Community
Signed Copy Of Paritosh's Book
NRPN Discovery Workbook
Members Area Access
Access To World Class Networking

Money Back Guarantee

The New Rules Of Professional Networking Workshop has the power to change your life like it has done for thousands of its participants. Paritosh guarantees that, by the end of Day 1 if you feel that you haven't discovered where & why you are stuck in the game of Networking and how you can transform it, we will refund 100% of your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates & time of the Workshop?

The event is for 3 days over the weekend:

Offline : April 12th-14th  (Friday - Sunday)
Online : April 19th-21st (Friday - Sunday)

For offline, time is 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Indian Standard Time (on all 3 days)
For online, time is 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Indian Standard Time (on all 3 days)

NRPN is a live and experiential  workshop. To make the most of the workshop, we strongly recommend that you have your calendar blocked for the dates and are prepared to participate fully, learn and have fun! The event doors will open 15 minutes prior to the start time on each day.

If I miss the event, will a recording be available at a later stage?

NRPN is a live workshop. Recordings/Replays are not available because the workshop has live exercises and activities which are not possible during replays.

What if I am unable to attend the NRPN Workshop

If you have registered for the NRPN NEXT Workshop and know that you would be unable to attend, let us know about it at least 4 days prior to the start and we will shift your pass for the next upcoming NRPN workshop (Fee Variation may apply). Any requests received less than 4 days from the workshop may not be addressed. Alternatively you can transfer your pass to a friend. In either case, please send us an email at A pass once purchased cannot be refunded. 

Will I be able to ask questions during the sessions?

Absolutely! NRPN NEXT workshop is a live, immersive and experiential workshop. Whether you attend the NRPN NEXT virtually or in-person, there will be activities, exercises and you will be highly engaged. There will be Q&A session times on each day where you will be able to ask questions.

How does 100% Money back guarantee work?

It's simple really, by the end of Day 1 you can ask for 100% money back. 

We are absolutely confident that you are going to love the NRPN experience that we offer a no questions asked money back gaurantee. For both online and Offline passes.

What is the language used in this workshop?

Since the praticipants of workshop come from different parts of the country and the world, the primary language used to deliver the workshop is English.

Are group discounts available for this workshop?

Yes, group discounts are available for 4 or more passes purchased at once.

To avail group discount, please send us an email at or call our team member at +91 9667333088

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NRPN contains mature language and the workshop is recommended for aged 18 years and above.
The dates, time and the day wise agenda, venue are indicative and may change without notice.
For any kind of assistance, please contact us at

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